Open event "Osaka Z Day 2020 Online" will be held this weekend.

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Open event "Osaka Z Day 2020 Online" will be held this weekend.

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Hello all,

At 2019, we decided not to hold the open event Osaka Z Day due to the move of our members room.
We were preparing to hold this year's event, but the prospect of convergence of the covid-19 is uncertain, and we have been searching for a way to hold it while taking measures to prevent infection.
At our event, it is the pillar of the exhibition and driving event that visitors and exhibitors have various conversations in front of the small Z gauge layout and vehicles on display, so the covid-19 We have decided that it is difficult to hold the event in the conventional way while avoiding the risk of infection.
Therefore, as the first attempt this time, we decided to hold it online as follows.
Unfortunately, it is not possible to see the layout of the Z gauge and the actual vehicle with the naked eye as in the past, or to talk directly, but the online holding also has details that are difficult to see with the naked eye in the conventional exhibition. We are making diligent preparations so that we can enjoy the new Osaka Z Day by taking advantage of online, such as being able to see close-up images from the camera and being able to participate without restrictions from geographically distant places.

Date and time
December 5th (Sat) -6th (Sun), 2020


Live driving
From Kansai (west of Japan), the layout of the members will be switched in a relay, and from Kanto (east of Japan), the layout by DCC will be delivered with a fixed camera while driving various vehicles. After all, I have to run the model railroad! I think that those who say that will especially enjoy it.

Layout introduction
We will introduce the layout of various Z gauges produced and owned by the members and the state of their operation with videos and live distribution taken in advance. In the case of live distribution, we will accept questions from everyone who is watching at any time and will answer on the spot.

"My way of enjoying as a Z evolution"
Z gauge can be enjoyed enough just by purchasing a manufacturer's vehicle and running it, but I will introduce a relay type example of how to enjoy it one step further. We are planning topics such as replacing old motor vehicles with recent motors, simultaneous control of multiple vehicles by DCC (digital control), and self-made vehicles using 3D printers.

"Group photo of my Z gauge Ichi push vehicle"
We are planning to make an album by sending photos of Z gauge favorite vehicles from everyone in the country. It is mainly a vehicle, and it is OK in the layout, the vehicle alone, or in a beautiful landscape.

Baden Tani9 Calendar Photobook
We create a calendar every year with our own layout and vehicle photos taken by the members.
You can see the photos used in the past calendar in the form of a slide show.

Online Meeting
This is an online meeting that welcomes all Z gauge users. Maybe there are people who don't have Z gauges around them.
There are no geographical restrictions for this online event, so let's talk freely with Z gauge enthusiasts all over Japan.

■ Schedule (draft) JST(+9:00USC)
It may be changed for reasons such as prevention of the covid-19.
Updated on November 29, 2020

December 5 (Saturday) Osaka Z Day 2020 Online first day
10:00-11:00: Greetings / Baden Tani9 + co-layout introduction
11:00-17:00: Relay live distribution of member layout
13:00-17:00: DCC layout Live distribution
13:00-14:00: Seizan's layout introduction
15:00-16:00: "My way of enjoying as a Z evolution" Motor replacement
Zoom meeting: 18: 00-20: 00 : Online exchange meeting

December 6th (Sun) Osaka Z Day 2020 Online 2nd Day
10:00-17:00: Relay live distribution of member layout
10:00-17:00: DCC Layout Live distribution
13:00-14:00: "My Way of Enjoying as a Z Evolution" DCC and Automatic Driving
15:00-16:00: "My way of enjoying as a Z evolution" Vehicle self-made edition